Posted by: nativeiowan | September 2, 2015

Mike’s Bikes… Pasadena Time…

Thoughts from Pasadena…

Flying into LAX is always a bit of a trip. Today was interesting in that a heavy, low cloud covered the city. As we flew in to land, I could see the world below, through thick cotton puffs.

I have learned that 12 hours on a plane ain’t that difficult. I dredd flying to London from Oz. It’s a double 12 hr hop with a few hours somewhere; Hong Kong, Thailand, Abu Dabi… a long time to be sitting on your arse.

My taxi driver, Rodrigez, was an affable older dude with lots to say. A native of LA he had informed opinions. I enjoyed talking to him. Traffic was average for a Tuesday morning. Lots of Police on the road.

Got in and started sorting things out. The main thing when you -Time Travel- is to get into the local time immediately…

I slept little on Monday night in OZ. I was up and going by 5am Tuesday morn. On the road by 6am. At the airport by 8am. Taking off by 11am. So from 5am to 11am, on Tuesday I was in Oz…

I landed in LA at 6am, on Tuesday. Thats what I call -Time Travel-

I have been awake for 31 hours, not counting some dozing on the plane. I am floaty and kinda giddy. Tired but well aware… I wouldn’t get on my bike, and I probably shant go walking very far, but I am good for another few hours. Sun sets about 720, I can make that.

On the road toward Ioway tomorrow morn…

more later


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