Posted by: nativeiowan | August 1, 2015

Mike’s Bikes… Rid’n Naked 2015 v.”the last chapter”

Ok, sitting in Pasadena. Lets see… Only 5765 miles this month. My only ride thus far in North America for 2015. I’ll try to articulately recap and comment on my ride(s)…

On Saturday the 11th of July 2015 I took off from Pasadena for Montana. I rode about 650 miles the first day, all up I-15. Hot n boring this time of the year, but the traffic is faast. Very faast. So I managed to get about half way in the first day. By starting very early and doing a bit more distance, I managed to cover almost 750 miles the second day and got into Polson, MT. I spent that night and the full next day, and rode the same route home in the same time and at the same speeds. All in all, a very doable long-ride of almost 800 miles, one way… polson copy

The Aussie lads showed up as planned and we got reeady to riide… We did the first leg over 2 days… riding day 1 from Pasadena to Santa Rosa, then up early n breakfast in Occidental, for a day of riding HWY 1 north … srosa copy… and the HWY 1 ride from Jenner to Legget is obscene its so good. This time traffic was kind and the weather was fair.  Great stretch of road, if not one of the best for light n low riding.

Our next jaunt took us over I-80… heading mainly to the Bonneville Salt Flats we spent night one in Elko, a strangely pleasant place to visit. I have stayed in Elko before and always ride away with a smile… We visited the Salt flats and, after I sprung my back in California, I decided to rest a couple of days in Sandy, UT. UT copy

So a good rest then we took a great, great ride down to Durango… the first few hundred miles are boring but after you turn off toward Naturita it all gets pretty hot. Sadly my sore back was not happy, and I felt like the guy in the game “Operation”. Each bump and corner n switch back made my nose glow red with pain. My lower lumbar were getting banged each bump, each jolt, each tweek n torque. Durango copy Hwy 550 is amazing. I’ll ride it again, and write more about it later…

At Durango I was pretty much done riding. That day had been fierce on my back. I was not a happy camper and my sciatic nerve was screaming from L-4 to my right ankle. It was time to tap-out…

Tuesday morn Graham and Gary rode off on their own, n I rode to Paragosa. My “sister’s ex-husband”, Don, lives in Paragosa. So I showed up at his door about noon Monday, found a hotel near by, and spent All Monday and Tuesday reliving past tales, catching up on new lives, n basically having one hell of a good BS session. And it was good… better than good…

So I next, with a sore back that had been rested, rode toward Flagstaff, AZ. The ride through Cortez n southwest toward Flagstaff was good. I got to Flagstaff early so rode onto Kingman…

az copy

The last day was short but harsh. My back was/ is sore and the few hundred miles were all a nervie sorta washboard ride. It was good n traffic was kind but after I got into Pasadena about noon I was done with riding. I was sore, slow n happy to be “home”…Az-ca copy

This morning I decided to go trade my trusty trumpet in… for an identical ride… I rode in with almost 14000 miles on this rig…IMG_2542

the clock after this month’s riding so almost 6ooo miles… IMG_2545

And the new clock… IMG_2546 …only 27 miles when I got her home…IMG_2547 … Same colour, same year, n the same, very good, ride…

More to come…. more vroom, later…

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