Posted by: nativeiowan | July 26, 2015

Mike’s Bikes… liv’n on SLC Time

Sunday in Salt Lake City, Utah. Home of The Church of the Later Day of Saints…


We got here yesterday after noon and our first stop was the Local bike shop. My bike has had some gravity issues. I broke my front-left foot-peg way back in California. It has been a bitch without it. I took my right-rear peg and put it in the front and it’s OK but not right, I rode almost 1000 miles. But it not right, AND, I don’t have my rear peg to stretch out on. Which is a bitch.

I tweeked my back and shoulder on the first day. Nothing major but enough to create some arthritic inflation in my right shoulder and my lower lumbar. Riding without the rear peg to adjust my weight linearly has been rough.

The only peg the dealer in SLC had, that would fit my bike, is from a sport-adventure bike. It’s not like mine, but it will do. It cost me way too much but I was not in a position to be fussy. I needed the peg – ANY peg.

So after we got our hotel yesterday, and got our bellies filled, it was early to bed for me. The boys were planning a ride into the foothills. They had discussed good rides with fellas at the bike shop and had a number of recommendations.

They boys were up early. I spelt until 830am. They dropped off their laundry as they prepared for their ride. I wanted to stay back, clean my bike, sort the new peg out, n get my laundry done. I was happy to wash their gear as they went for some vroom time.

So my bike is right. I went to Walmart n bought a few things. Washed the bike at a car wash right next door. Sat under a shady tree n sorted my bike out. She’ll be fine for another couple thousand miles. What a sweet, sweet bike.

I came back and got the laundry done. Soon I will start packing my bag. Look forward to the road in the morn…

Where we going? Looks like the boys and I have set a pattern… ride less distance each day, stopping every second day for two days to recover and look around and launder-up.

So we are heading into the southwest of Utah and should be sleeping in Colorado tomorrow night…

SLC copy



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