Posted by: nativeiowan | July 25, 2015

Mike’s Bikes… Long Riding through the US

And doing it naked.

I am riding my Thruxton – WHAT A MACHINE -, and the boys are riding new Bonnevilles.

We left Santa Rosa at 6am, rode through the Napa Valley, and hit Interstate 80. We had decided to simply ride west. No prebookings or real targets. Just ride west. Grab a hotel when we were ready. I write this sitting in a hotel bed in Elko, Nevada.

elko 1 copy

Elko is a cool place. I stayed here a few years ago. The story begins at the end of the day… about 15 miles out of Elko we got nailed but a high country, Nevada storm. Heavy rain, some hail and almost zero vizz-ability. Not terribly fun. And cold. Did I say COLD?

When we came into the hotel and made a huge puddle at the front desk.

So I am in bed warming up. All my gear is very wet and I have put it under the heat-lamp in the shower. The boys are in their room, I am sure, doing the same as I.

We’ll meet later for some food but we are all a bit whacked. The mountains and the high desert and the whole scenery-thing was amazing. I had forgotten how beautiful the Sierra Nevada Mountains are. I need to write more but I am tired and cold so, sore hola, as they say in the islands.

tomorrow… a visit to speed-mecca – The Bonneville Salt Flats – …. yeee.

elko 2 copy

Tomorrow won’t be a huge day, We’ll be tourists a bit. Which is good, again.

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