Posted by: nativeiowan | July 23, 2015

Mike’s Bikes… Dancing on the RAZORZZ EDGE…

A WOW moment in today’s ride

A big, BIG WOW moment…

A fucking huge, BIG WOW moment…

We started the “Boy’s From Rocky 2015” ride this morn, The last few days have been filled with heaps of BS conversations, getting the rental bikes, getting my bike serviced and basically, between beers n burgers, get ready for the road.

La Strata…

early morn…IMG_2497

San Luis… IMG_2499

Solodad… IMG_2500

And again… IMG_2501

And again… IMG_2502

And SanFran… IMG_2503

In Santa Rosa… IMG_2504

So by 6am we are on the Ventura Highway, California 101. It basically all city miles for the first 100 miles. After Santa Barbara it become costal, then agricultural.

First stop was Santa Barbara, second was San Luis Obispo, and third was Solodad. Fourth was Sunnyvail-Snail.

Then we drove through SanFran.

Now the MOMENT I refer to took place about 40 miles out of Solodad. We had travelled some 300miles so far and had the city and then the short drive to Santa Rosa…

Running about 75 – 80 MPH in the left had lane of the northbound lane. We are 3 lanes and traffic is not busy but it is constant. I am riding point, as I do kinda know the road here.

One thought I have as we ride today, as we cover the few hundred miles, is that there is heaps of rubbish on the road. There were pieces of plywood, plastic, cardboard boxes n more along the road at all stages. It was not a tidy highway.

So 40 miles out from Solodad, I am on point; Graham is in my right mirror, Gary further behind in my left. An average sedan is in the lane to our right. I spot of bunch of “something” in that lane; the sedan does a jimmy-step and hits the bundle of something. I see a bundle of wooden stakes about 3foot/ 1 meter long, a number of wooden stakes, the kind you would stake up tomatoes with… A bundle of stakes all packed tightly in a plastic hessian bag.

This bundle of stakes comes shooting out from the sedan to my right, flies maybe a foot/ 300mm off the ground, straight into my path. All in a nanosecond, my front wheel hits the bundle square on the side. I do not have conscience thoughts of the impact but I know I had fuck-all time to prepare and simply held onto the bars and kept the bike stead… IMPACT was a jar but within no time my bike banged down to earth. I recall thinking I have to keep my feet on the pegs, OH SHIT I need to find the pegs, I found the pegs…

Very little memorable thoughts. But heaps of memorable emotion,

I racked my shoulders on impact and my back and neck on landing. I landed hard enough to jar my mirrors miles out of shape. I need to loosen the fasteners and straighten them. I need to have a panadol before I sleep. I feel good and rode the rest of the day after but my neck is sore. I’ll baby it a bit and all will be good.

But… The MOMENT… came so fucking fast it was over and I was alive, on my bike and as far as I could tell my buddies were OK too.

As soon as I landed and got back in the seat, I checked my mirrors and found them useless, I tweaked the left hand side and saw both Graham and Gary behind me. My back n neck are sore but I shifted a bit and knew I was OK. My bike had lost speed so I noted I was at about 65mph. I assessed the bike… tires/ tyres felt ok, I looked and saw to dangling spokes, the pressure felt good as I did a little weightshift to see how she rode. All was OK. I didn’t smell oil, no lights were coming on… DAMN! What afuckign rush…. WHAT A FUCKING RUSH…. Damn, DAMN…

So I was OK. I could see the guys were OK. SO I rode on without stopping. When we hit Solodad we discussed it. Graham reckoned I was a foot/ 300mm off the ground, both wheels at the same time. Gary saw my fly up n land but was a ways back and it happened so fast. I think we are all a bit surprised… it’s a WOW moment. I make me feel real, real, real lucky.

So, a WOW moment…

More to come but lets use our positive energy and ward-off any further brushes with gravity… as we dance on the razorzz edge…



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