Posted by: nativeiowan | July 12, 2015

Mike’s Bikes… 2015 v1.1

First day of long riding under my wheels. On the road at 7am. Ran 100 miles n stopped for fuel at Barstow. Ran 100 miles n stopped before Vegas then again north of Sin City. I stop, refill, take my gear off, pump the bilges n drink a bottle of water, gearup n ride another 100.

I am in Nephi, Utah. 

The day went better than I could have hoped. Traffic was comfortably fast. I was cranking an easy 15 over, 85mph n this big 4×4 highway patrol smoked past me. I’d seen them a ways back in traffic. I tend to ride out of traffic quickly. I’ll use my speed to get the hell outta dodge. If I was averaging 80 he was well over 90.

My neck is tired. I’m wearing a new, lighter helmet and it makes a difference. All my gear is working well. My Thruxton is a dream machine. What a bike. 

I hear questions out there… Why ride light, low n long? What not ride heavy n comfortable? And all I can say is, I ride very comfortably. The wind was howling all day but my low profile and slim line means less work for me.  Less weight to balance.

600 miles on 2 wheels is no mean feat n doing it light n fast is my preference. But I am beat.

Doubt if I’ll make it until sundown. I think I’ll be up bright n early. See if I can be in Missoula tomorrow eve.



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