Posted by: nativeiowan | April 2, 2015

Mike’s Bikes… Thoughts for the week

It is friday morning here in the land of Oz. We have winter coming on. Its getting cooler and the rains appear to have settled in. I am watching a mix of newz programmes and find my self perplexed and even pissed off. I may have missed something here but as the various newz channels recap the week I feel as though I am the proverbial Stranger in a Strange Land…

1) In 1976 Iran became a terrorist state. They raided the US embassy and held a bunch of folks hostage for a long time. Since that time Iran has been a repressive, idealistic and aggressive state, funding terror activities world-wide. Now the US and “allies” are giving the Iranians political and global legitimacy. And a green light to go for the bomb. All I can say is – did I miss something here? And as this happens the Israeli State is getting abandoned. WTF????

2) One State in the Union passes laws which give businesses the freedom of choice in who they serve. I know, controversial since my youth when “no shirt no shoes no service” signs were everywhere. Not cool then but there is a discussion worth having as per who and what, I as a business/ service provider, can and cannot choose to do. But the idea of freedom of choice rubs some folks wrong. So much so many major corporations now choose to not do business with said state because of their choices… hmmm, I agree with W.E. here in that I fail to not see a double standard (EVEN HYPOCRISY) herein.

3) Mrs Clinton is in the newz a lot. First as a very viable (if not the only) Democrat candidate for 2016, and second for a number of rather questionable if not nefarious activities while in high public office. And she is still a viable candidate. Golly, again I go back in time for this but… what the fuck happened to the standards held when Gary Hart was blasted off the campaign trail? He got done for “womanizing”. Not lying or cheating or hiding/ destroying government info// documents…  All I can say here is WTF!

4) A white dude gets beat up by a couple black dudes on a train in St Louie. All on camera. I may be akin to Genghis Khan but it sure as hell would have been differnt if the white dude had a gun and used it. Golly, that would have been controversial newz! The world is sad but when a white cop defends himself he is a racist shit. When a couple young black dudes punch n kick a lone white guy they are “troubled” or “understandably frustrated”. WTF!!!!

5) A bus load of “educators” in Georgia got years in jail for fudging test results. All I can say is maybe my Niece, Tracey and her good-man, Joe, need to offer lessons in rasing kids. Grand-nephew, Jake, is graduating from high school, is an Eagle Scout, is a state-level musician, a debate/ speech award winner, an honour roll student, and has secured a scholarship for undergrad school. I know Tracey and Joe work hard for their kids but their success is evident, and I think they should start giving lessons on what hard work can result in. I think the general population may have forgotten what hard work is and what it can do for you.

So call me a grumpy ol fart who vicariously views the void called “our modern world” through a telescope. But, again, all I can say is WTF!


  1. Well said Mike!!

    • Big Kev, hapi to know I aint alone but, WTF?

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