Posted by: nativeiowan | November 22, 2014

Mike’s Bikes… Annual Oil Bath Time

I guess one of the “hassles” of having a couple vintage machines is the need to simply keep them pristine, or as near to pristine as possible. All metals oxidize. Once oxydation tips the metallurgic scale the amount of work required to control the situation increases exponentially. So I have to keep the “rust” in check or I lose my vintage machines…

These machines are in general running condition but I have drained the fluids in the engines and maintain them in a basic state of being “moth balled”.

One way to stay in control of the old bike situation is to give everything an annual oil bath.

I started the X75 last week and took a bit longer than I should have. If I fully detail a machine I can spend an easy month, nonstop, cleaning and polishing and smiling. But I don;t have that kind of time for each machine so it’s a simpler process of pulling a bike onto the hoist and then bathing it in oil. I use a large can of WD40 for each machine. I spray oil into every nook n cranny. I polish judiciously aiming to knock back any big rust spots.

So the X75 came off the hoist yesterday… The 57 Indian is next, then the 52 Tbird… all good, good fun…

57 Indian coming out…57 Indian coming out of line

what a pretty machine… A very pretty machine

52 Tbird will be next in the bathing process…52 Tbird... in many ways, where it all really happens

Bit of an effort for an ol fart like me to get the heavy 57 set and anchored to the hoist… damn heavy bike, but on the hoist, eventually

looks nice… the X75, the Tbird n the 57… 20 years of VROOOM here…X75 off, 57 Indian on, 52 Tbird next...

still the sexy-est machine known to man…let the oil drip off then we'll put her away tomorrow

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