Posted by: nativeiowan | November 16, 2014

Mike’s Bikes… Blood Sports are obligatory

UFC 180…

First Pay- to view I have ever done. I want to watch the Hunt v Werdum fight. I have followed Mark Hunt for years. Most folks do not know what this humble slugger from Auckland has done…

Mark Hunt

Hunt was born in Auckland, into a large Samoan family, and was a troubled child eventually leading to two jail terms for violent offending.[4] He had no intention to be a professional fighter until a late night altercation outside a nightclub just after getting out of jail for the second time in Auckland changed the course of his life.[4] The brawl did not last long, and Hunt knocked out multiple people.[5] Sam Marsters, one of the bouncers at the door was impressed by the young man’s knockout power and invited him to his gym to take up formal training, and a week later, Hunt won a Muay Thai kickboxing match via knockout.[5] Hunt received a six-pack of beer as a reward for the fight.[4] Later that year Hunt moved to Sydney, Australia, to train with Alex Tui, and few years later he settled in Liverpool Kickboxing Gym under Maori instructor Hape Ngaranoa.[6]

He is the only dude from south of the equator to win K1. He may not look the role-model pro-athlete, but he is a real and scary “fighter”.


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