Posted by: nativeiowan | November 15, 2014

MIKE’S BIKES 15 11 14

I guess its time to come back. Time to come back n talk bikes. Talk bikes n riding.

Welcome to Mike’s Bikes…

Let me talk about a hot, hot day where I worked and organised my shed n cleaned n puttered around.

Got my favourite 2 wheeled beast on the sled being cleaned and detailed… what a bike!

1972 Triumph X75 on the hoist getting an oil bath… IMG_1687

the 3 to 3 exhaust has always been, in my eye, sexy as hell … IMG_1688

in the background, the 1957 BSA SUPERROCKET I have been wrenching for over a year … IMG_1691

sleek … IMG_1692


3990 original miles …  IMG_1694

looks good in the shed, at the end of the day … IMG_1696


  1. Good to see you back writing your blog . A funny thing happened this morning. We are camped at a little place called Walcha on the New England Table land and there are a group of bikers of your vintage camped here as well. Only a few minutes ago I thought gee I miss Mr Hammer’s biking adventures…..look at the iPad and your back!!!

    • Big Kev,

      Yep, back for better or worse. When you visiting the Sunshine Coast?

      All is good

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