Posted by: nativeiowan | July 28, 2014

Pack’n up…

My time riding in the US of A has come to an end. For now anyway, I need to jump the big, peaceful pond and see what is happening in the land of Oz. Guess I been playing a bit too long, and now it’s time to get home and get my “home-work” done.

This pad in Pasadena has been a great base camp. Thruxton-the-Third has been a great machine. A wonderful piece of engineering, and a very fine companion. I shall go down and pull the battery and put it all under cover. I’ll get total milage on the clock then… IMG_1431 So we have 5400 miles over the past  5 weeks and 4 days… respectable, indeed… Considering a couple weeks were spent in the UK and Europe… respectable indeed.

The fact that I can ride great, great roads within reasonable proximity to the Pasadena pad is positive. I’ll figure it out in the long run, noting that early, early riding ensures a better city-run than coming in during rush hour.

The riding has been better than guuuud. I have now refined my long distance riding to a level where I know what I can do; and the easiest way, for me, to achieve the riding goals I choose to set. And I know now that I can set aggressive goals. That I can ride days on end, cover long distances and maintain a decent standard of health n happiness.

But time to fly south… and all is very, very good indeed…

more later



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