Posted by: nativeiowan | July 27, 2014

Pasadena Time… 155pm Sunday 27 July, 2014

Ok, I am a bit beat from last week’s ride. I was up at 5am and rid’n today by 7am. Home by about 930am after aborting early due to traffic on the Angeles Pass. Traffic wasn’t right and I saw grief in the long-ride so I turned around n went home. I think I’ll ride this again next week one day n see how much better it be.

As I learn the roads I need to learn the seasonal changes that control each ride-worthy road.

So it’s a greek salad n burger afternoon. I haven’t eaten a cooked meal in 2 days… When I got back from the HWY 1 ride I was pretty damaged… started Friday with a hang over. Rode hours hard on demanding roads, then hit the city… and the city traffic… talk about tense… stressful, challenging… ride LA on a Friday afternoon… if I was home by 4pm I was asleep by 8 or 9pm… After well over 6 hours in the saddle. The last two nights have found me asleep early and cranking way too early… Need to turn this around a bit.

I have slept a lot n eaten little. I keep crackers n peanut butter, almonds, n “good” junk in the house to survive. But I need a feed… and a couple of beers. This place has 155 beers on tap… they sell more beer in this joint than the rest of this “area” combined. Or so I am told by “David”.

So far so good…

The salad n burger we good. The beers have slip down silently and rest happily in my hopper. The alcohol is taking effect n and I am happier camper than when I walked in.

It’s a block n a half from the apartment… I think I’m heading soon to a nap…

Life is good.




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