Posted by: nativeiowan | July 26, 2014

HWY 1 CA: Monterey to San Luis Obispo

Had a dynamite ride down the southern end of HWY 1.

Pulled in to the parking area at Pasadena at 340pm. took off from Monterey shortly after 9am. I rode steady noting that the first couple hours were very challenging; both the roads, which are as demanding as the northern HWY 1 stretches, but add a decent fog/ mist on the coast which makes the roads unpredictable, make vision through the visor difficult, meaning you need to wipe the visor every so often. A distraction on a road you don’t want distractions whilst riding…

o1s1 copy

It is spectacular.

I left Monterey about 9am. Had a fun, fun eve with Andy n Angie n Ava n Alec. Great fun. Plenty of laughs. Great good fun.

Ava n Alec have no hope… gonna be “biker” bitten for life:



The coast was foggy n damp and challenging. The roads were OK in that I could normally get around traffic and travel at my speed. I was passed by a bike and a V8 Black street-wagon. My average speed for the morning was less than 50mph…

mry slo copyIt is a spectacular ride. A worthy ride. A ride shall do again very soon and very often. I am though quite tired. We stayed up late, drank a tad bit too much wine and laughed and wrestled and carried on until too late. I was not 1000% this morn but the ride revived and invigorated me. I welcome the first 100 miles in the morn. I refueled first with my helmet on and second took a break n had a drink n a cookie. Third I bought a juice n took a break. Total distance of about 330 miles. Half of it slow coastal and the other half its super-highway stuff. I had more close calls on the highway than on the byway.

trp 111 copy

Left noon Tuesday and back by 4pm Friday. Bad part of this is the time it takes to get into and out of the city. That needs more work. 3 hours of “traffic” is way to stressful.

Where to ride next????


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