Posted by: nativeiowan | July 13, 2014

ruminations on travels present

miles n trials

miles of trials

tears of rage

the pains of age

arthritic motions

lively pain n poetry

monolithic mountains

historic fountains

ancient earth works

castles, keeps and homesteads

airports, departures arrivals

a sense of survival

pervades mankind

past and present

All is evident

And real

And fun

And dynamic

And frustrating

And lesson filled

Emotion infused

And I remain enthused

Decade old muscles

Adjusting to the rigor

My youthful vigour

Not what it was

But it is a buzz

The family and friends

Memories and nostalgia

Generations coming

Generation past

All rehashed

Never meant to last

Gone t0o fast

With a big arsed grin

Maybe a gin

Or a vodka

Or bier

Or sparkling bubbles

My life is a gas

The world is a gem

Sharing is the key

As has been said before

Let it be…


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