Posted by: nativeiowan | July 13, 2014

Full Circle, UK style

I sit in the lounge at The Hotel 41 in London…

I arrived today from Munich via Garmisch. I feel rather at home here. Perhaps it is as simple as I like being known. Perhaps it is simple as I am a pretentious jerk. Perhaps it is simple as, in my current stage of existence, I enjoy being comfortable. And The Hotel 41 is indeed comfortable.

It is on Buckingham Palace Road. It is a great place to launch yourself into The City from.

But, alas, I do not get to launch myself this time. No, in about 45 minutes the World Cup finals shall start. In about 12 hours I’ll head to the airport and on to LA. I could and maybe should stay longer. The weather is good. My energy is high. My smile is huge. But I shall jump back to LA, spend some time catching up and organising my life there, before jumping back to the land of Aus.

Perhaps I’ll admit to some fatigue. Perhaps I have rode enough and walked enough. The truth is probably much different… I miss the family, the land of Oz and the work n enjoyment that awaits me there.

I know I have a lot of mowing to do in Palmwoods. I have some business to attend to with Don. And Grace and the boys have just returned from the Solos and will have tales n stories and lies and adventures for me. And I do look forward to it.

But I will probably ride a little bit in SoCal. Maybe find the Great Ocean Road and ride up north. Maybe shoot west n do some research on Route 66. Yet to be seen how long or what transpires in SoCal. Thus far in my current journey I have:

Brisbane to LA to Pasadena

Pasadena to Iowa RTN

Pasadena to LAX to London

London to and around the North Country and back to London

London to Munich to Garmisch

Garmisch to Munich to London

and tomorrow… London back to LA

And all is good.

All is very, very good.



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