Posted by: nativeiowan | July 10, 2014

Done rid’n the UK early

OK, though this was a great week in the UK, which saw some great riding, I am pulling the plug early…

Dropped the bike off at 2pm. Caught the 245 to Kings Cross n disgust actaxi to the hotel. I fly tomorrow to Munich. I will spend the weekend with the Rooster, fly back here Sunday then onto LA on Monday. Once in LA I will slowly, leisurely head back to Aus… After a fee days of soup n sleep.

The UK has been good.

I suggest those who ride should consider a trip over. The bike 500 pounds for a week. Fair by any measure. You can find costly or not hotels. Fuel is expensive by US standards. Food n grog is excellent, and I think reasonably priced.

So, my Aussie n Yank friends… Book now, you will enjoy..


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