Posted by: nativeiowan | July 8, 2014

Motorcycle Review: Triumph Street Triple R

There is a lot I like about this bike. I like the engine. I like the three cylinder smoothness… That strange “buzz” in the engine when an odd number of pots are pumping out power. It gives us 105bhp on a weight of 182kgs. All of that is very, very good. The ABS brakes have come in handy a couple of times…




I like the black n red combo of this machine… by the way, I rented it from Paul at , I highly recommend their services.

Thank gawd for ABS…Due to the way this ride, my unfamiliarity with it and the fact I have been on the Thruxton so much lately: I was coming round a sharp bend on the “SNAKE” …

*from Wikipedia: The Snake Pass is the name given to the remote, higher reaches of the A57 road where it crosses the Peak District between Manchester and Sheffield in Northern England. More specifically, the name usually refers to the section between the town of Glossop and the Ladybower Reservoir, where the road passes over the Pennines watershed between the moorland plateaux of Kinder Scout and Bleaklow (the highest point is 1,680 feet (510 m) above sea level). The Woodhead Pass (A628) is an alternative road route to the Snake Pass linking Manchester and Sheffield.

I lost the line and lost the angle of attack and, if there had been a car on-coming, I would have lost the farm. But, indeed, the ABS brakes were a saviour. There was a sheer rock-face I was speeding toward and I was all ready to prepare for impact when I realised the brakes were going to pull my ragged arse outa the fire.

There are some things I don’t like about this bike. It is not a Cafe Racer. My knees are too far forward, my elbows are too high, I can’t lie on the tank bag (which barely fits anyway). It is (like most modern sport bikes) sprung too high. I have had a couple of times where the high-arsedness of the bike has caused me consternation. It is a sweet, sweet ride but it is not my kinda ride.

Much like my F800R, this bike is great but it offers things I am not interested in, and even, which I do not understand… Why do these sport bikes kick their arses so high. I am not racing this bike, I am riding it. I want a lower bike, with lower handle bars. As I ride in high gear I want to kick my feet back and lean on my tank bag. I want to drop my elbows and tilt my head down – face into the wind. I guess the high arse is “cool”, but I agvce up trying, “trying” to be cool decades ago.

But that is me. I am a bit ol-style, and I am very opinionated… AND I DON’T LIKE THE FACT THERE IS NO CHROME TANK BADGE. Why do we put a sticker on it. It’s a dern Triumph! Put a nice, traditional chrome Triumph badge on it…

TB copy

It is a good, good machine. Like the F8ooR, it is a great machine for all levels of riders. With an ability to run up to 12000rpms, it is fast, fast, fast. but the power, the horse power, is way high in the revs. It cruises at 80mph at 4500rpms. You can twist it up at 4500rpms in 6th and as she increases revs she sorta stands up and jumps. You can goose the throttle but after it hits 6000revvs please beware. It does bite.

And life is good… good for a foolish ol fart enjoying his youthful retirement in the most smile filled way possible…



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