Posted by: nativeiowan | July 6, 2014

A long weekend in London

Golly, what a great City this is. I really enjoy London. I can’t say enough good about it.

Been here over a long weekend with Nick n Bren and Ol buddy Pete Wilson. A Gizo/ Solomons reunion of sorts with last eve, big smile n drum roll, The Monty Python Reunion.

What a great show. What great company. Laughs n smiles n so much fun.

I am shot, buggered, exhausted… n hapi, hapi…

Tomorrow morn I head off on two wheels to the Isle of Man.

More to come but I need a nap.

More later



  1. Wow! You actually saw the monty python show! So lucky the tickets sold in seconds! I’d say drop by but I’m at work tomorrow and it’s not the direct way to Isle of Man. Have a great time.

    • Hey,

      You know, about 6 months ago I heard on the radio- in the car in Aus- about the one-only reunion show. By the time I got home the first show was sold out but there were 4 more shows. It was worth the effort and worth the wait. All is good… a week of riding here in the Uk… Isle of Man and the Cumbria region, then to europe/ Germany. Life is good but I am beat. Big smiles…

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