Posted by: nativeiowan | July 3, 2014

As Paul Harvey would say: “And now, the rest of the story”.

Thursday the 3rd of July in Pasadena. I got back to the apartment here about 10am on Tuesday, the 1st. Total distance was :


So 3867 miles. I picked the bike up 2 weeks ago, tomorrow.

Total time was, lets see, 630am Sunday to 1030am Tuesday. I sat for Thursday and Friday in Iowa then rode back. Basically 4 days of riding each way. Some days I rode over 550 miles. Some days 400. The more I rode the easier it got. Day after day of distance riding does take it out of you. Riding and being aware is the key.

When I got back Tuesday I dumped my gear and went to Trader Joe’s. I needed a big pot of soup. So some potatoes n onions n leeks n tomatoes all in a big pot. I have been eating this since Tuesday and it’s still real good.

Once I was fed n watered I passed out. Slept about 16 hours between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morn. Yesterday I did a few errands, ate soup n slept some more.

Today I am packing up to fly to London. The same minimalistic travel sense applies. I do believe I am traveling with less than I did over the 4000 miles.

Cleaned the bike up: IMG_1334


The put her to bed while I am gone…IMG_1338


Look forward to riding in the UK.

More later

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