Posted by: nativeiowan | June 25, 2014

Running Naked: day 4, a service interval

Sitting in Marne, Iowa. I am at Baxter’s Motorcycles getting my bike serviced…


I found these guys last year and think they do a very good job. Check them out…

It is 1015am. I was on the road at 530 and did 250 miles from Kearney to here. It was a good run. I am 200 miles from Independence.

The 4th day is the easiest day. I woke early feeling good. I did the first few hours with ease. Omaha saw some traffic but not too bad. Crossing the Missouri and hitting Iowa is always nice. Don’t know why, it don’t make sense, but it’s always nice to enter Iowa.

So the last few hundred miles of the eastward journey will be slow n easy. No rush to be anywhere. Plenty of time to take breaks. The end of a trip is always poetically charged. It is a destination achieved, a plan accomplished, a foolish ol fart dream realised.

And the good newz… Well, today is Wednesday, On Sunday morn I turn around and do the trip in reverse.

Now, and I am being serious, that is indeed good newzzz…




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