Posted by: nativeiowan | June 25, 2014

Running Naked 2014: day 4

It is 426am in Kearny, Nebraska. I stopped here yesterday after another 450 mile day. I’m right on 400 miles away from my destination… Independence, Iowa. I will stop by Baxter Triumph at Marne, Iowa and get my bike serviced. I’ll stop by Des Moines and say hello to my sister there and stop by Gladbrook to say hello to another sister there. Then I’ll park and rest for a couple of days in Independence.

Once in Independence I’ll write up some 30 hours of lonely thoughts… when you are on a bike you see and hear things, you smell things and notice, even fleetingly, small things that normally go unnoticed.

One thought I am working on is the “sound of the highway”. It has a cry/ moan/ groan about it that I fail to find words for.

But I’ll keep working.

And I’ll keep riding…

Day 4, here I come…


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