Posted by: nativeiowan | June 23, 2014

running naked 2014…

Just watched the USA v Portugal game. I am glad I stopped early. That was worth the time. Damn! The USA played well. And it took the world’s best to “not lose”.

So, need to tally today’s run and prepare a review on the 2014 Triumph Thruxton.

Separate but combined, let see…

specs copy

This says we have a 4.2 gallon tank. Hmmmm…

I filled up at Barstow. I next took 2.96 gallons in Jean, NV; 125 miles, giving us 42 miles per gallon.

I took another 2.1 gallons in Mesquite, and filled 2.6 gallons at the end of the day, here, in Cedar City.

I saw the “fuel light” go on twice. Now I see a reference where the size of the tank is: 16 litres (3.5 gal)…

Hmmmm… 3.5 gallons or 4.2 gallons?

I’ll keep working on this but, for the record, The Thruxton has a too small tank and the gears are too low but… it is still a sweet, sweet ride…



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