Posted by: nativeiowan | June 22, 2014

running naked 2014.

OK, getting all saddled up n ready to ride in the morning. It is a slow process.

Yesterday was one of those floaty, fresh off the boat, sorta days. The jet-lagg was there as was a flu bug I must have picked up on the journey; Sore throat, a dry, dusty cough that even “Fishermen’s friends” didn’t fix.

So, two hot soaks in the tub, a couple panadol, and about 15 hours of sleeping/ napping has me feeling, OK. I have a pot of good, good vegetable soup on the stove n buttermilk biscuits to pop in the oven. I’ll fuel the body n get a good night’s sleep and be outta here in the morning.

Between sleeping and feeling shitty I ate little yesterday. Luckily there was a bit of peanut butter in the frig and a box of saltines crackers in the freezer. I filter tap water so there is always heaps of good drinking water around; I must have drank 4 litres, or more, yesterday. And the free-to-air movie channel here plays decent old movies. The ones we had forgotten about; they stared the likes of Jane Fonda, Antonio Banderes, Mickey Rourke, way before they were old and revered stars.

With the soup on and the oven preheated I’m about ready to pop the biscuits in the hot-box. It is 10 minutes to 5 here. I have been sitting stagnant long enough.Enough “recovery” time.  It is time to go riding. But soup, first!


I really enjoy the “travel light” theme of this trip. I have now done enough long days, hours n miles; on very, very light motorcycles to know what I do and do not need. I really enjoy the “minimalistic” requirements herein:

What is traveling?


1) Black tank bag with clean clothes, toiletries, small tool kit and flat repair kit, GP, and cables n charges for hardware = 5kgs packed

2) Blue back pack with macbook air; note that I wear this under the jacket = 2.2 kgs packed

3) Two piece (add the gloves = 4)  leather riding suit; made by BMW, and remains the best riding suit I have found = 5kgs

4) BMW neotec helmet; I keep looking for a better helmet but this suits my needs and is lighter than most= 1.5kg

5) Bamboo tube scarf; a perfect solution to that triangle of throat left exposed, when riding naked

6) Full-body compression suit; the most important, new tech, development of late is compression gear, ideal for holding old fart jiggling masses contained and unfatigued

7) Red Wing’s 8″ hightop work boot; been my favourite for ages, and ages

So, as the song goes… “my bags are packed, I am ready to go”… but I am traveling light. My bags don’t hold much and distance is more important than comfort.

It’s 630pm. Another old movie is on, Kurt Russell this time. The soup was great and the biscuits were fine. My belly is complacently happy.I’ll tidy up, watch the tube, n get some sleep.

Will be on the road by 6am…


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