Posted by: nativeiowan | June 22, 2014

running naked 2014..

Day one behind me…

was on the road by 630am. Was doing 70 mph (112 kph) very quickly and rode well for my first 100 miles. Was in Vegas by about noon. Have run past Vegas about 200 miles and have stopped for the night in Cedar City, Utah.

Total distance gained was 440 miles over 8 hours. I ride about 1.5 hours then take a break; fill the bike, drain the bladder, and induce some agua. So we’re not making great time but we are on track. Figger’n 440 miles over 6 hours of road time = avg speed of a bit over 70 miles per hour. And I figger that the first day is always the roughest, the slowest. Long distance riding is a skill set you need to build on… you need to build your neck muscles, and shoulders, and knees and build some callouses on your arse.

I’d like to make Denver tomorrow night…

day 1 copy

About 550 miles and we’re half way…

day 2 copy

The Denver to Iowa run is 200 miles less so we’ll see if I can do Iowa to Des Moines in a single day. The 3rd day should always be a big day but 800 miles in a day on 2 wheels is a big, big day.

So it is all good. The bike is running very sweet. Traffic is reasonable enough.

And I am grinning ear to ear.

More later….


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