Posted by: nativeiowan | June 21, 2014

Run’n Naked in 2014

Yep, its happening again. More of that ol fart fun n games BS…

Flew into LAX before 7am today, Friday the 20th of June, 2014.

I flew out of Brisbane 11am yesterday, Friday the 20th of June, 2014.

It’s about 11am here in SoCal. It’s about 4am in Queensland. I woke at 530am yesterday so have been traveling some 22 hours.

Airports suck but the fact that I can arrive here, this morn, get a pickup at the airport and be in Pasadena by 830am is fantastic.

Something else is fantastic… picked up yet another Triumph Thruxton, my third. When I bought the first last year I was not sure but willing to give such a nice looking bike the benefit of the doubt. And I loved it. Not huge power, but sufficient for my old fart needs. I rode one from Iowa to NorthCal last year. Bought one in Aus. And just picked this one up.

The guys I bought it from were very easy to deal with. I’d say check them out if you are looking for a bike in this neck of the woods…

I’ll take it to Carpy’s shop tomorrow and try a pair of his made-for-Thruxton exhausts.

Carpy is a mad Britt who I have gotten to know a bit. His shop is in Anaheim so I’ll run out there and get a pair of these on my bike.

carpy's thrux copySo tomorrow is my shakedown run. I am running lighter than ever. I’ll hit the road Sunday and head to Iowa via the Vegas to Denver to Omaha route.

I’ll blog as I go…





  1. Mike, good morning this is such a good thing and to think I finally figured out how to get this working again. I cant wait to see you. gracie said she was coming in june and yesterday there was a mail and paul was celebrating a wedding or engaggement?don’t you need to be there if it is at your house?the celebration is next week. maybe I am mistking the message. whatever, I cant wait to see you .jane and mike and holly and ron leave the 30th for a bike trip to maine and will be gone 18 days MONKS BIRTHDAY IS JULY5 AND I REALLY WANT TO HAVE A PARTY FOR HIM A REAL FAMILY BLAST THAT WILL CURL HIS TOES. SO MAYBE AFTER THE BIKE TRIP I CAN DO THAT monk has been a life saver he has gone above and beyond all things and has saved me. maybe he does too much but I cant stop doin what I need to do. htrys to do everythin aand I caant just become a vegetable and sit and watch him do myorksam happy you are coming ,cant wait the door will be open and the the big garaage is emptso your bike can be sheltered. see you soon love you muuch mom

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