Posted by: nativeiowan | June 19, 2014

On the road

Sitting in Brisbane departure. Heading to LAX. The flight is a bit delayed… Which is good in a way… Last time I did this flight we landed in LA early and had to sit on the plane until customs opened at 630am.

So off on a road-trip. Will grab my Triumph Thruxton in Pasadena and ride into Iowa. Over 2000 miles one way.

I travel with my helmet n other riding gear. Little else. I have a few tools, a repair kit n lil pump in case of flats. I appreciate the ZEN challenge of minimalistic travel.

From the US I’ll shoot to London to meet up with Nick n Bren. We’ll see the Monty Python show. I’ll rent a bike there and ride around for a week.

Looking forward to the long lonely hours of solitary riding. I’d predict some 5000 miles in a 20 day time frame, over 2 countries and maybe even more if I jump the channel and ride into Europe.

More to come…


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