Posted by: nativeiowan | May 19, 2014

The sound of choppers in the sky…

.. tells us trouble is brewing.

The word is that a “protest march” from Burns Creek to the government offices is taking place.

The town is shutting down. Schools are being let out. Shop keepers are shitting themselves.People are rushing from East to West/ West to East to get home before the trouble start.

The choppers fly low, long arcs over the town. Rumour has it they have HD photography on these birds and are able to identify perps from 1000 feet.

I spoke to a young guy last night that pointed out to me that the people are not unfairly disgruntled. Millions of dollars have been received for the disaster relief after the floods but people have seen little more than bags of rice. I am told each PM, all 50 of them, each collected a large payment to assist their constituencies. Where is the money?

It is the blatant misuse and abuse that people are rioting over. It is the boredom of youthful life and the lack of opportunities that makes the young folks flock to these get-togethers.

Sore lo Solomoni





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