Posted by: nativeiowan | May 14, 2014

Island Daze…

Back in Honiara after a couple month absence. Since I was last here we have seen floods, tidal waves, earth quakes n loss n destruction. And it shows… it shows in the topography and the bad roads n the washed out rivers. But, as the Solomons are known for… it does not show in the faces of the people. As far as I can fathom it’s all business as usual in the Big Mango…


The interesting thing about the above shot is two-fold… a) there is a guy sleeping on the pile of rice, and b) in traffic, sitting still, the blue truck has no lights in the rear at all.



I like bill boards as they tell us what is happening in the market place… above is a sign for “Discount Auto” spare parts.


Outside the #9 facility… No Smoking, finally! But it took a bloody big sign.


I like this one because it advertising BIOMETRIC voting casting


Considering it took half an hour/ 30 minutes to travel from the Anglican Church to Town COuncil, the need for a Highway Patrol is real, evident, and immediate


The “new” Commonwealth Avenue


And Point Cruz…


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