Posted by: nativeiowan | May 14, 2014

hazy skies, the eagle flies n’ a tug on the water…

I guess this land, filled with poetry and raw beauty, brings the best out of me…

A hot morning. Blistering sun and it’s only 9am. The wooden deck is quite hot as I walk to refill my coffee cup. I live in a compound and the kitchen is on the lower level. My house is on the second level. So, cup in hand, I stroll down past the pool.

I am commenting to myself that it is a day filled with humidity. The air is so thick n moist it creates a haze. I glance up and see a large Solomoni Sea Eagle. I originally learned these were called Sanford’s Eagle.  When I arrived in the early 80s these were very rare to see, noting that in my first couple years I only spied, maybe 3 or 4 birds and all in very remote locations. The good news is they are not all that uncommon these days. Something that makes me inordinately hapi.’s_Sea_Eagle

My biologically correct friends now a days call this the Solomoni Eagle, not sure when or where it got the name change.

So my day starts with a huge smile as I watch this large bird soar above the coast line. A small tug, half way between here and Gela, flashes orange and white in the bright sun.

And thus we have hazy skies, the eagle flies n’ a tug on the water…


Noting of course the pict doesn’t show the eagle or the tug…

more later


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