Posted by: nativeiowan | February 28, 2014

you gotta laugh…

Saturday morn here in QLD. I fly off tomorrow  for a couple of weeks of travel. Been doing odd jobs n tidying up all week. This morn; all we had, after completing most of our list, is to give the house a good once-over, and mow the lawn.

9:18am and the house is almost done. Grace commented to the boys earlier that they did a very good job. She said that when they were big they would be able to keep their houses very clean.

Mendozza answered quickly, “I’m going to have house girls”, he said.

A true island kid if I ever saw one.



  1. Gotta say, that is a delicious photo of Nusatupe. Travel safe, travel well.



    • Taken from the cockpit of the vintage beachcraft that used to be in Honiara. Heading to LA to do some riding in SoCal and Arizona. Grab 2 wheels n join me?

      • I’d love to, but old Billy is just out of the hospital and requires daily tending … good riding, though. We’ll ride again.


      • Say g’day to wild bill for me.

      • Will do, he asked about you the other day.


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