Posted by: nativeiowan | January 30, 2014

an interesting exchange…

Something of interest that came from a discussion I was having earlier today…

even better than that… I am dressed in board-shorts and a light T. Have my work boots on, a golf hat Grace left laying around… sort’a of a tropical working man attire. I spent the morning putting a 1957 650cc BSA “Super Rocket” back together. 6 volt electrical systems are not something I know a lot about, but I will learn. I smell like WD40. I think I walk around with a dufus smile on my face because people either smile back  or walk away quickly. The better one dresses the less they are inclined to smile at what they think is a dufus or a loser. Kids n dogs exchange my day-dreaming smile without shame. I’ve had both kids n dogs run away from their owners and want to spontaneously play with me. Life is good. The birds smile easily too, but they lie, they’re just after food. Beware of the birds who smile back.


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