Posted by: nativeiowan | November 24, 2013

Sunday afternoon ruminations…

I just watched Obama give his speech on Iran. I hear a lot of rhetoric. Little of substance. Kerry is taking now and he is trying to be tough. I think he is a bit of a wuss… I’d like him better if he still wore his old duffel coat.

Obama, I feel, is floundering. And the bad thing about this is his administration has some years to go. It may well be a long, painful death by drowning. But a lot of damage can take place in the mean time.

I have stated that I dislike the general bashing and character assault and mud-slinging that is the status quo in our modern media/ life style. I consider it to be part of the “in your face” generation that stood up for their rights but failed to learn old fashioned respect. I find that being respectful brings barriers down faster than a swift kick in the family jewels.

I had to turn Kerry off. Geeze… all I can say is GEEZE!

So, who really killed JFK? (I changed the TV channel)… (tongue in cheek) … perhaps he committed suicide. Suicide may well be the only plausible theory NOT yet put forward.

found a UFC rerun… Much better that Gov’t Propaganda, better than a 50 year old conspiracy theory rehashed again and again. Honest competitive blood and guts works for me.

Just was reviewing global stats and found this…


food stats copy


interesting that there are more overweight people on the planet than undernourished people.

I have been studying this and I am convinced that the world does not have a lack of food problem but rather the distribution of resources is the problem.

But try explain this to folks who are indeed starving.

More later



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