Posted by: nativeiowan | November 22, 2013

I’ll use the word “constipated”…

It is how I see things in the US. The situation is constipated. Basically there is shit that needs to come out but it ain’t out yet…

const copy

And until it is out the situational status is “constipated”.

Let me say a few things…

1) A bit of socialism is OK. Don’t be afraid of communalism, not to be confused with communism. Being socially minded is a positive thing. We need more social mindedness in our world. No republican is an island. No democrats is an inexhaustible ATM. The Electorate is not a spineless mindless herd of bovine.

2) I am so frustrated by the fact that we all fail to see we are on the same team. I digress to my middle school years and an old story of two flies on a turd in the toilet bowel… we are those two flies… and when the log rolls over neither team is a winner, both teams are losers.

3) I love how my fellow citizenry  is so efficient at donning their rose-coloured glasses each and every morning. Republican have their rose-coloured glasses as do democrats as to the tea party as do the beer party as do the dope party… you get the point… which is… we are on the same team. No one is right until everyone is right. There are no winners unless we are all winners. Consensus is hard but the best path forward.

4) Success is communal, not individual. I know from experience that a mansion with security guards in the middle of a nasty inner city where poverty and crime abounds is not a nice place to live. You want a little house on a nice corner with good neighbors and a relaxed environment. SUCCESS IS COMMUNAL!

5) The lowest common denominator cannot dictate the Status Quo. Society, global society, must really rise above the petty mammalian mindset that keep us in the gutter.

6) The baby boomers are the problem but we did not create the problem. All them horny soldiers coming back from WWII and their fair lasses rolled in the clover far too much and someone has to pay. Our folks had a reasonable base to retire on but the BOOMERS are simply SOL… they did not have enough kids to ensure there will be funds for their future, especially noting our old folks who had the fun that started this are still alive as their numerous children are retiring… a double whammy?

7) If my thoughts and questions bother you then I feel real good. I see far too much constipated complacency in the USA.

More later


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