Posted by: nativeiowan | November 16, 2013

Blustery weather

Funny, weatherriffic sorta’ day… Thunderstorms north n south of us, lots of weather off the coast and in the hinterland, lots of energy all around us. I was mowing the backyard until about 1pm when the lightning and wind and rain swooped in. I had the mower mowing and ear plugs in and didn’t hear a thing then stopped to move some deadfall when I first heard and saw the storm bearing down on us. We had some impressive hail. Not real, real big but plenty of it… first time for the boys to experience hail.IMG_0753

IMG_0756 The weather, the wind and the rain and hail shook things up. After the rain the birds were out in force, foraging on the various insects dislodged and disrupted by the storm. I found this nice little, silky jewel still glistening with beads of rain…IMG_0759 The rain, considering it has been pretty dry for about 3 months, made the garden smile … IMG_0760

IMG_0763 Lots of little gems lost, buried in the tiny suburbian yard, all rejuvenated by the weather.

IMG_0767 The passion fruit are doing fabulously…IMG_0769




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