Posted by: nativeiowan | November 14, 2013

images from a delayed day…

Everything in today’s travel was delayed… computers were blamed for the hour delay for the final manifest before we could take off, rain at Brisbane put us in a holding pattern for over an hour, once landed it took thirty minutes to get the door open. It was one of the LDC-world scenes… people all cranky over missed flights and the such. The airline staff were terribly stressed with the 100 or so p’d-off passengers. I think there was 101 people onboard… Lucky for me I was not in any hurry and happily sat and watched life’s magical circus rock on by..

taking off from HendersonIMG_0744

over G’canal the light through the clouds was impressiveIMG_0745

Flying high: the  clouds become a prairieIMG_0747


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