Posted by: nativeiowan | October 12, 2013

fat ol fart fun n games

I am going to discourse without authority or reason on the topic of bikes of the type of bikes that interest me… and why I am interested in such…

I was talking to a guy today and explained that my interest runs basically toward Britt bikes from the 50s into the 60s and a bit into the 70s. The history of the main innovators/ companies is very interesting. What  took place is the WWII war machine took a commercial turn. BSA – the British Small Arms company went from producing guns to making motorcycles. Their logo remained the same throughout…



Bored and highly trained vetts went from building faster planes to producing and selling cars and motorcycles. The need for speed grew. World speed records were and are important. And the Britts did a great job of it all. A couple “situations” took place which eventually sent the Britt bike industry into collapse but not before they produced what is probably the sexxy-est two-wheeled ride ever produced…



The funny thing is that as these machines got faster and more dependable, the brakes stayed pretty standard / pretty shitty. It was not until the Honda CBs and the Kawasaki Z bikes got too, too fast that money was spent of brakes.

I also discussed that the Harleys of the 50s were tractors and by the late 60s AMF had fudged Harley up so bad they were not worth owning. I think the history and the mystique of bikes… Britt bikes, Harleys, rice-burners…. all is a bit askew.

And I shall eventually sort it all out for you…





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