Posted by: nativeiowan | August 21, 2013

survived another year…

And there is proof!

Was out riding with the boys today. We are seeing how much air we can gain on the 80cc bikes…

Of course I had a go and pretty much nailed it. I landed with the front wheel high and my knees dragging on the ground, my heart in my mouth.

These bikes are little and every time I pop the front wheel up I get dumped on my arse. My center of gravity just does not allow one wheel on these little things.

But I landed, stayed saddled and had the boys hooting like I was a nitro-circus.

In the end Mendozza was getting impressive air. Angelo is the conservative one. I had to laugh when we got the 4×4 skate board out and started doing tow-ins with the qaud.

Great afternoon and proof… I survived another year…






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