Posted by: nativeiowan | July 31, 2013

armour plating

This is the gear I have been riding in, all disassembled…


All up I am guessing 25 pound/ 11 Kgs with the helmet. The “kevlar” pieces get squeezed into slots in the pants and jacket.

I like how the piping on the gloves glow when photographed.

Without the kevlar the pants and jacket are quite stylish.




  1. Can you get a ‘suit’ made from just the orange stuff to ride down the hiway? You could maybe make it look like an orange version of Ironman. And THEN walk into wherever you’re at and see the looks of the peoples faces. That’d be fantastic.

    • like the idea…

  2. looks damn uncomfortable 😦

    • more uncomfortable if you do a 80mph tumble without it all… just hit palmwoods. Coffee some time soon?

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