Posted by: nativeiowan | July 26, 2013

Naked through Wyoming

Been a good day of riding.  350 miles or more. Not as far or as long as yesterday but this is my third day of riding.

Planning for a solid 300 miles tomorrow. Now that I am over half way with 1100 miles behind me and 800 to go I can take an easy pace.

day3 copy

Tomorrow’s ride will put me, Saturday morning, ready to run across the salt flats. I think I’ll get to the hotel early using the cool of the morning to do my riding. Temps are running high. I also have laundry so an early check in is welcome.

We have been traveling through the great mid-nothingness of this huge land mass. We cross the Great Divide at 7000 feet about 2pm today. We are now in the western continental drainage. It is a dry, stark land. It has legendary names like “Laramie” and “Cheyenne”. This is cowboy country.

It was quite cool this morning and into the midday then, was we crossed the Great Divide, things got warm. I am in Rock Springs Wyoming for the night. Very reasonable 100.00 a nite hotel with friendly folks. I was even flipped the finger by a lady when I came in. I was crowing about having soo much fun.

It was a warm welcome.

Holly and Ron turn back to Iowa tomorrow. I joked early that old folks have to pee a lot so I can travel faster than Ron’s big trike. But in reality, even for the super human, an hour and a half  on 2 wheels going 80 miles per hour / 130 ks per hour is a very long time.

We aim for 100 mile hops and stop if needed. Basically we refuel every 100 miles or roughly 1.5 hours. I note that my 3.3 gal tank allows me about 150 miles range so stopping is not a choice. We ride the first hop, refuel, drain and ride. Second hop has refuel and food. Third hop is a restful coffee after fuel and, like today, you decide to either do the last hop or not. Today we chose not.

It often appears that the first ride of the day and the last ride of the day manage 30% more distance.

So I am very pleased with the progress. This little Trumpet-Bike is a sweetie pie. What a nice bike. I am a bit weary but then so are Holly and Ron who basically ride a big easy chair on three wheels.

What makes you tired is the wind. 80 mph/ 130kph creates a lot of wind. And your body gets beaten and shaken and rattled as you roll down these aimless highways. And I ride my bike. I know my neck is stronger and I frankly feel very, very good.

I can brag but admit that once in my room I sat in a hot bath and soaked my used but happy muscles. I feel good. This is a very good time of the year to do a ride like this. The highways are open. Traffic is usually easy. The roads are either good or not so good. I think we are averaging over 70 miles per hour so like is very good indeed.

Such is life. More fun for the foolish old fart tomorrow…

Here is the world from Holly’s point of view…








  1. Looks like serious good fun!

  2. And check out the stereo AND cup holder on Ron & Holly’s ride.

    • That 3:56am reply was at 10:57 local.

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