Posted by: nativeiowan | July 24, 2013

Day one of six… old fart foolishness

Day 1 of 6 all done. On the road at 630am and road through Gladbrook and Des Moinse to Marne, Iowa. I bought the bike in Marne so took it to get serviced. I have 1000 miles on the clock.

loaded after riding Independence to Des Moinse


At the end of the day in south west Iowa IMG_0609

Feeling pretty good. I did 300 miles in 5 hours today… I can go further faster. I got the bike serviced so stopped riding at noon. I could ride another 300 miles. I find the interstate is better as I can run at 80mph…

I admit one must get used to this ride… the back pegs are your “highway” pegs. The big bag on the tank is my pillow. Once you stretch out you’re pretty good unless your belly is too big. I bought 3 helmets before I found one I liked. Needed something light and comfortable as it’s your only protection from the air/ wind.

This is what we’ll do tomorrow…

d2 copy

All good.


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