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sure, makes sense to me…

OK, we have social instability fueled by tribal divisions. We have political interference in all aspects of government, business, and life. We have tribal affiliations called the “won tok” system which imbalance most operations private or public. We have an under motivated and under paid constabulary which is screaming for professional leadership.

Add to the mix: Striking teachers, unpaid government workers, and a population where over 50% is under the age of 18 and for all practical purposes remain uneducated/ cater to…

Sure, makes perfect sense… dismiss the boss of the Police Force for no reason other than he is doing a decent job…

Sure, makes sense to me…

Officer: Lansley dismissal a political success

A SENIOR police officer has labelled the government’s failure to renew former Police Commissioner, John Lansley’s contract as a political success but a major blow for the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) and national security.The officer who wished to remain anonymous said that Mr Lansley was supposed to have stayed on for an additional three months, however was no longer wanted by the government and therefore the government failed to extend his contract and instructed him at the eleventh hour (last week) to leave the country immediately.

According to reports recieved, on Wednesday night (last week), Mr Lansley was contacted by the Prime Minister’s Office and informed that his contract will not be extended and that he is required to leave the country immediately.

According to the officer, the government wanted to cover up some of the alledged corrupt and political acts committed and abused by most senior officers within the RSIPF executive board.

“I have no reason of doubt that former deputy commissioner, Walter Kola is behind this-as Kola is a government crony.

“Not only that but most of us the senior officers of the RSIPF also have reason to believe that Mr Kola wants the top job more than anyone else,” he claimed.

Mr Kola was earlier this year subsequently suspended by Mr Lansley, facing several allegations that have since been under investigation.

It was only after Mr Kola had been suspended that questions were raised about Mr Lansley contract with the RSIPF.

Meanwhile Police Minister Christopher Laore during a farewell parade held in honour of Mr Lansley last week highlighted that the government felt that it was time that the top Police post be nationalized.

“It is time that Solomon Islanders have a sense of ownership of the RSIPF. For too long our force had been led by outside assist-not it is time that our own nationals lead the force,” he said.

The police officer however said that Lansley should have remained at the helm of the RSIPF a further three months so that the transition from Lansley to his successor would go smoothly.

“We wanted stability in the RSIPF and we got John Lansley, now that he is no longer with us, even we the most senior officers do not know exactly how the government wants to proceed with appointing the new commissioner.

“Nevertheless the new commissioner must be appointed within the next three months or the government and off course our national security will face serious consequences,” he said.

By Jeremy Inifiri



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