Posted by: nativeiowan | May 6, 2013

more dillussionary reporting?

I like this… “The incident, the only such mass protest amongst prisoners in recent memory”…

It shows a complete lack of historic recognition if not a dillussional approach in that there have indeed been a number of prison uprisings, riots and even breakouts in “recent memory”… Why the sugar-coating?

page 311/ 312

Like their counterparts in the PPF, the RAMSI advisors to the justice system quickly found that
they had to adjust their expectations to an environment a world away from Australia. A senior
expatriate Commandant described this different context:
Prisoners here are very compliant, easy to work with, very open. . . . They don’t have a lot of the
issues that prisoners in Australia have. Very few drug issues. Significantly fewer psychological
issues than in Australia. They’re still very respectful of authority, which is missing in most
Westernized countries.12
When RAMSI officers first arrived they tried to run the prisons in a more Western way. For
example, they banned guards from talking to the prisoners. This change sparked a non-violent
protest by inmates upset by these changes in policy and the disrespect they perceived from new
prison staff. The incident, the only such mass protest amongst prisoners in recent memory,
chastened foreign advisors, who learned to appreciate Solomon Islands’ more congenial and
collaborative prison environment.

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