Posted by: nativeiowan | May 6, 2013

makes me wonder…

I am picking up quotes from the TRC report. Much of what I read read makes me wonder… wonder if anyone is really, awake, aware, or even if anyone gives a shit… the lack of reality in what I read is striking.

from page 308…

The focus on investigation and arrests immediately after RAMSI‘s arrival has since shifted to
rebuilding community trust. Perceptions created during the tension that the RSIPF is corrupt or
biased towards Malaitans is difficult to uproot, hampering investigations. “Today we still have
problems collecting evidence,” reported one of the senior commanders. “There were people
killed during the crossfire and their relatives know very well they were killed by police weapons.
So it is very difficult for us to gain the trust of communities.”
To repair relations, the RSIPF has focused on community policing and tried to reform their
operations to emphasize accountability and transparency. They have also taken part in
customary and religious ceremonies of reconciliation. “We started already on Gold Ridge and
we’d like to do some more there this year and then move to the Weather Coast for some big
ones,” said another high ranking local police official. He continued,
We went to a very emotional reconciliation between the groups that allied themselves with the
Joint Operations and those that allied themselves with the GLF. And that sets the scene for the
Police Force to do our reconciliation with them, working with the Ministry of National Unity,
Reconciliation and Peace.
Efforts to purge ex-militants from the RSIPF have been handled by a combination of voluntary
leave and vigorous new recruitment. The special Constables were also given financial incentives
to leave and “they all left,” according to a senior commander with PPF. The RSIPF still has
many officers who benefitted from aligning themselves with militant groups during the tension.
For example, some of the promotions granted during that time have been called into question,
according to a senior police officer. However, another high-ranking officer stressed that the
police have found success in diluting any “bad blood” by recruiting officers “from remote
provinces . . . who were still in school” during the tension.

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