Posted by: nativeiowan | May 3, 2013

Some intersting reading

This is well worth a bit of time. It allows those with a smattering of insight into the “hapi isles” to glimpse behind the scenes of the “ethnic tensions” of the past 20 years.

Thus far I note a fair amount of selective memory being applied. As well, it would appear that some of the players I know tend to demonise others while sanctifying themselves…

Solomon Islands TRC Final Report



  1. Well, Volume 1 is outstanding. But after one of the best histories of the Solomons I’ve read, the sad part starts … incalculable human cost.

    I had the good fortune to be there when Archbishop Desmond Tutu spoke and opened the TRC, and I’m glad to see the report. Yes, as you note, every story has a point of view, and selective memory applies. But it is the fullest and best (and therefore the saddest) history we have of the Tensions.

    Eee, me sori tumas long Solomoni …


    • The interesting thing here is how the SIG appears to have been holding the report back. I need to have a good read of it to see why. I quite liked the idea that it could not be released because it would upset people. Makes one wonder if they all knew what this TRC biz was all about. And, yes, being near Desmond Tutu was cool. I recall a small stature and a big smile.

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