Posted by: nativeiowan | April 22, 2013

waiting as a retired bloke is pretty easy

I am sitting at the dealership waiting for the ssnake to come in from being prepped. I normally would have walked out and grabbed a taxi to the airport. My day should have gone faster and I would have hoped to be on the road by now. I guess the retarded nature of my life allows me to sit and watch the circus.

They have me sitting in a nice enough lounge area. The salesman dealing with me is in the next office and I can hear him doing his quick-step. I feel a stressed nature here. Some quotes as I write this… “we are selling so many cars”, “not enough salesmen”, “I don’t give a stuff, I buy, you sell”, “tell us what to do here”, “I don’t care, just do it”…

The show room is filled with eye candy.

The owner just rushed in and and in a cyclone of frenetic energy let me know I may be here for a while a longer.

Not sure my patience is suffering but the nature of the place is interesting at best. The tension in the air is palatable.

So my plans are askew… lets see where it leads… I would dearly love to get on the road.

Outside where I sit… a Ferrari, A Lamborghini and a McClaren…


Nice eye candy.

More later


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