Posted by: nativeiowan | March 9, 2013

I look after my skin v1.0

I look after my skin. I somewhere in my journey have figgered out that your epidermis is important and requires special attention…

At least this is what I tell myself after I have been seduced into spending way too much at one of those dead-sea oil n lotion stations that are common in malls. As I walk away, my purchase in a fancy bag, I tell myself that I am clever and right to be looking after my skin and buying these ever so essential condiments for the epidermis…

Of course it has nothing to do with the quietly exotic babe with big dark eyes and a dangerous accent.

That too I keep telling myself, as I walk away. It had nothing to do with the babe with the dark eyes and a name like Fatima, or Valencia…

And I rationalize heavily by thinking that I did need to buy some body butter. We use a lot of oils and lotions and essences at home and the body butter they sell is real good.

So why do I have an array of old-man products for my wrinkly eyes, and sagging face and …  I am a bit perplexed.

I shall figger it out one day…

Speaking of good skin care products… I never miss an opportunity to make a plug for Lavender. If there is a swiss army knife for essential oils it is lavender. There is very little it does not do.  I swear by Tea Tree as an antiseptic and Citronella as an insect repellant, and others… But lavender be the most versatile. Never leave home without it.

And, NEWZ PHLASH, I have found something that is quite impressive… A local product, from just a short ways down the road from us…

drwht copy


I am impressed by it.

And by the number of reasons I can come up with for the small bag of expensive gear I recently got from that dead-sea oil n lotions station at the local mall.

More later



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