Posted by: nativeiowan | February 21, 2013

ahhh… I love the smell of democracy in the morning…

Some interesting stats available here…

Central Islands population as at 1999 was 22,000. Lets say 30,000 today.

Lets stretch it all and say half the population is registered to vote, knowing well the number are much lower.

Lets stretch it and say 75% of those registered vote…

So, we have about 12,000 votes to be spread over 10 candidates. Democracy in Action!

I like the fact that the outgoing guy can’t stand so his wife is running… note, it worked for Jimmy Rasta, member for Lau.

10 ready to contest Gela

Mark KemakezaFormer Ngela MP Mark Kemakeza was disqualified and has fielded in his wife to contest in the by-election.

TEN candidates will contest the by-election for the Parliamentary seat of Gela in the Central Islands Province on February 27.
But the Electoral Commission said the former Member of Parliament for the constituency, Mark Kemakeza who lost the seat following a 14-month jail term, is not amongst the 10 candidates.Because he was disqualified, he fielded in his wife, who was one of the two women to contest the seat.

Kemakeza was jailed last year for stealing constituency funds.

The Electoral Commission said the candidates are qualified to contest the by-election after nominations closed January.

Meanwhile, the Commission reiterates that it has been doing its best to ensure voters will go to the polls freely.

The Gela by-election is the fifth since Solomon Islands held its national parliamentary elections in mid-2010.

Previous by-elections were held in the constituencies of Baegu-Asifola, Shortland Islands, North Malaita, and East Are’Are.

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