Posted by: nativeiowan | February 15, 2013

yeee haww…

And I mean that in the very essence of a southern YEEE HAWWW!!!!!

Just picked up a 1922 CF Martin mandolin…


Untitled 3 copy


I paid way too much but am way, way happy that I found this in the Land of Oz… the land where buying a quality mandolin is almost impossible. This one was in the store where I found it because,as they say, it’s an “ugly duckling”. And compared to the polished and new chinese shoe box models that sell for half or quarter the price, it is. But boy do it sound sweet.

The boys are watching Bill Monroe and his Blue Grass Boys. With their violins (fiddles), the collection of guitars we have around, and now the “Ug Duck”, we have a YEE HAWW band in the making…

Yeee Hawww…

We’ll be busking sooner than Mendozza thinks. Maybe we call our band the Sol-Hounds?

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