Posted by: nativeiowan | February 13, 2013

I feel like a star…

Just smiling here in regards to how much fun life can be.

The short version: The boys are doing violin at school. I want them to “learn music” so we’ve gone this route. Despite that fact we have drums, guitars, and ukes around. I see the formal lessons as a way to learn the language of music.

Last year we hired nasty, cheap instruments from the school. They did well, got good grades and enjoyed it for the most part.

This year we went to a violin-guy and bought decent, very good, machines. I was a bit flabbergasted over the price, and, the fact that Mendozza needs a 1/2 size, Angelo needed a 3/4 size and we bought a 1/1 size because we’ll need it later on and, big smile, so I can learn with the boys.

So I was a bit grumpy over the price tag but the boys really enjoy the exquisite instruments they have that sound oh so nice, and, importantly, their teacher commented how good their machines were. Made both very proud.

Last night I got my first official lesson. I can now very competently play “Mary’s little Lamb” as a trio with the boys.

Mendozza figures we’re about ready to go busking at the mall.

And I feel like a star…

vilin copy

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