Posted by: nativeiowan | December 27, 2012

evil has a name…

And that name is…

evil has a name

evil has a name

3 high impact butt flops and both cheeks well bruised. My hip ain’t happy and my neck hurts. Who had the bright idea to invite evil into the house?

And who thought it was wise to leave the safety of the garage and the level floor? Had a good flop in the garage but it was still all fun. So fun Angelo convinced me to go down to the road.

Mendozza said we should stay in the garage. For 7 he is pretty smart. But I listened to Angelo and rolled out of the safe, safe garage and into the wilds of the real world. Now our driveway is on a 45 degree slope. It’s amazing how much speed you can gain rolling on skates down my drive way. Between the car and the truck and from zero to 60 before I could think of anything else but, “damn this is fast”.

I’ll admit I thought it was an idea worth merit when I reached out and snagged the tailgate of the truck. My left arm went taught, I felt my legs do a cartoon style woopde-do, bullwhip out and back. I went down hard on my arse, half under the truck.

Call me dumb but I got up and with sound advice from Angelo, “stay on the grass”, I found myself racing across the street heading for the curb. My high-speed pirouette must have looked impressive but not as impressive as the crash.

In good fashion I went down on both hands but only managed to place my right knee before my hip impacted. You are supposed to fall hands first, then elbows, then knees. We’re well protected at those points. The boys were showing me how you are suppose fall in a sliding fashion using your armour to protect and slide across the concrete. The hands, elbows and knees are very well protected. But the hip ain’t.

That spill left me across the road. I figgered I could at least get back to my yard.

Buttt nooooooo. The 3rd arse-slam happened in the middle of the street. Before I stood up I had the skates off.


Evil has a new name…




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